Program Wish Lists

Casa Pacifica serves all children placed in Casa Pacifica’s Residential Treatment Center and emergency crisis-care shelter, as well as day school students from the community attending Casa Pacifica’s Non Public School and Casa Pacifica alumni and their children.  Program Wish Lists were created to assist with providing the items needed to assist with these goals.

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Rainbow Cottage Wish List
McDonald’s Cottage Wish List

Crisis Care Emergency Shelter

Cares for children birth to 18 years who have been removed from home by Child Protective Services. more...

Residential Treatment Center

Serves youth 11-18 years who have severe emotional and behavioral issues that prevent them from being successful in a lower level of care - foster or group home. more...
Download Angels Cottage Wish List (PDF)
Download Caldwell Cottage Wish List (PDF)

Alumni & CITY Program

Several years ago Casa Pacifica decided to address the serious lack of services that exist for foster youth once they emancipate from the foster care system. An Alumni Association was created to reestablish contact with children/youth who had ever received services from Casa Pacifica with the intention to not only provide what help it could, but to also direct alumni to community resources that could help them with their needs. The Coaching Independence in Transitional Youth (CITY) Program grew out of addressing those alumni needs and now provides assistance with independent living skills, housing, education, employment, transportation, and many other needs important to our alumni.
Download Alumni CITY Wish List (PDF) 402.44KB

Cloud 9 Children’s Store

The Cloud 9 Store is the on-campus store where Casa Pacifica’s children can ‘shop’ for all kinds of great items such as iPod Nanos or CD players, perfume and cologne, hair care products like flat irons and blow dryers, or jewelry and make up, among many other great items using ‘Casa Pacifica cash” they earn in their cottages or classrooms. Cloud 9 is completely stocked through donations from the community. more...

Health Services

The Casa Pacifica Health Clinic (CPHC) serves all children placed in Casa Pacifica’s Residential Treatment Center and emergency crisis-care shelter, as well as day school students from the community attending Casa Pacifica’s Nonpublic School, and Casa Pacifica alumni and their children. The clinic is especially skilled in caring for children who suffer from a variety of medical conditions and behavioral issues which are a result of abuse, neglect, and/or mental illness. more...

Music Program

Casa Pacifica’s music program offers arts exposure to students in Casa Pacifica’s day school, and to Casa Pacifica residents through education and participation in afterschool programs and private music lessons. The music program is one of the varied and important therapeutic tools Casa Pacifica uses to promote hope and healing in the children it serves.
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Non-Public School

The Nonpublic School is a special education program serving children and youth with severe emotional and behavioral issues resulting from abuse, neglect, and/or mental illness. Youth from Casa Pacifica’s Residential Treatment Center and day school students from the community attend Casa Pacifica’s Nonpublic School. The students learn in a highly structured, safe environment that focuses on providing high quality education and individualized attention to help students reach appropriate social and grade level skills. more...
Download NPS Program Wish List (PDF)


Casa Pacifica provides a preschool program as part of its crisis-care emergency shelter’s Pre-K Cottage and is intended to help Casa Pacifica’s youngest residents prepare for kindergarten. Often, because of the neglectful homes these children come from, they are already ‘behind’ in their educational career. Casa Pacifica’s preschool helps these children onto the path of learning while addressing their behavioral and emotional issues so they will be ready to start kindergarten both academically and socially.
Download PreK Program Wish List  (PDF)

Recreational Therapy

Casa Pacifica’s Recreational Therapy Program provides a wide variety of activities that encourage our youth to challenge themselves; learn new skills; stretch their comfort zone; and develop teamwork, cooperation skills, self-esteem, confidence, and an appreciation for fitness all in the setting of a therapeutic enviroment.

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