Other Ways to Donate

Time to get creative!

There are many ways to contribute to Casa Pacifica, and they don’t have to be in the usual, run-of-the-mill manner. Here are some innovative ideas that donors have already found to help Casa Pacifica’s kids. Use one of these great ideas, or develop one of your own! Contact Carrie Hughes, Director of Development and Public Relations, at (805) 366-4011 to make sure your plans will fit with the agency’s current needs.

Have a Party
Instead of receiving personal gifts for your or your child’s birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, graduation, anniversary, or other special occasion, or if you are just having a big party with lots of friends, encourage your party guests to bring a monetary donation or a gift for a Casa Pacifica child instead. Or, give your party a theme – gifts for teenagers, summer items like beach towels and bathing suits, bed linens, clothing for young children, or sporting equipment – you decide or call the Development Office at (805) 366-4015 to find out what is most needed.

Build-a-Bear Party
Take a group to a Build-a-Bear store for a birthday party, or Girl Scout Troop outing, or a mothers/daughters day and create a stuffed animal any child or youth would love to love. Casa Pacifica gives every child – toddler to teenager – a Build-a-Bear stuffed animal to take with them to their next home. Your creation will bring warmth, comfort, and security to a child’s life!

Donate Several Copies of Seaman’s Journal, by Patricia Reeder Eubank
Along with the Build-a-Bear stuffed animal each child receives upon discharge from Casa Pacifica, they are also presented with a copy of this book, which tells the tale of a Newfoundland dog that accompanied Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition across the United States. Why this book? To remind the children of Casa Pacifica’s therapy dog, Archie, who is also a “Newfie.” Archie signs each book and includes Casa Pacifica’s toll-free phone number so the kids can always stay in contact with Casa Pacifica. You can purchase a copy from Amazon and either have it shipped to us, or drop it off with your other donations.

Community Fundraising Events
Make Casa Pacifica the recipient of proceeds from a fundraising event you plan, staff, and hold. Community Fundraising Events held in the past to benefit Casa Pacifica include a Children’s Art Show & Sale, donation table for Casa Pacifica at the opening of a Panera Bread Restaurant and another at Nothing Bundt Cakes, Casa Pacifica Night at various restaurants (a percent of the night’s proceeds are donated), company golf tournaments, quilting bees, and Casino/Poker parties. This is your chance to be creative. Contact Carrie Hughes, Director of Development and Public Relations, at (805) 366-4011 for more information and to receive a copy of our Community Fundraising Event agreement.

Hold a Gift Card Drive
The youth we serve in our Residential programs enjoy receiving gift cards as this allows for an off-site, special experience - whether it be an ice cream trip, movie night or Target run! It helps bring some normalcy to the lives of our kids who are living under anything but normal circumstances.

Donate to Programs Set Up to Benefit Casa Pacifica
Casa Pacifica is proud to be the recipient of ongoing donations from two different charities – each founded by a high school student with the specific purpose to benefit Casa Pacifica:

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