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Ways To Give

Summer Appeal - 2024

Your Gift Can Change Lives!

Owen battled depression and anxiety but found success at our Non-Public School. Learn about his inspiring journey and help support our life-changing work!

Due to the nationwide youth mental health crisis, and the significant shortage of children’s mental health resources, your support is more vital than ever.

Visionary Leaders Support Essential Funding

Visionary Leaders are individuals who contribute to Casa Pacifica at specific sponsorship levels to support one or more of the agency’s major fundraising events.These fundraising events are essential in meeting the 10% - 12% in private funding that must be raised each year toward Casa Pacifica’s operation budget as part of its public/private partnership.

Community Partners Circle

Community Partners Who Provide In-Kind
Goods or Services

Our Community Partners Circle consists of local businesses and individuals that have given $5,000 or more of in-kind goods or services to Casa Pacifica each year.
We are grateful for the support that we have received throughout the county and are happy to have partnered with the following businesses and individuals.

Monthly Giving Program

Changing children’s lives one month at a time!

Giving Made Easy - The Casa Pacifica Monthly Giving Program is a convenient way for you to make on-going donations at a level at which you are comfortable. Each month you know that you are providing a dependable source of funds to help Casa Pacifica make long-term plans for programs and services offered in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Join The Kids Club

Join The Kids Club and Make a Difference

The Casa Pacifica Kids Club is comprised of caring individuals who believe that victimized children -
children who have suffered through abuse,
neglect, and abandonment - deserve to have the
best when it comes to getting the help they need
to heal their physical and psychological wounds.

Corporate Leaders

Corporate Leaders

Becoming a Corporate Leader means making a difference in children’s and families’ lives through your gift to Casa Pacifica at a defined sponsorship level. You choose the level of sponsorship and the fundraising event(s) you want your gift to support - which helps to ensure each event’s overall success, and ultimately benefits Casa Pacifica’s children and families!

Program Wish Lists

Wish lists provide the needs of our children

Since we opened our doors in 1994, Casa Pacifica has provided hope and help for more than 42,226 children and their families. Every four hours we admit a child into one of our 15 programs on campus and in the community. Our below Program Wish Lists help to provide much needed items and necessities for the children and youth we serve.


Ways To Give

At the heart of every Casa Pacifica donor is the desire to help children and give them a fighting chance to succeed.

Casa Pacifica offers several different opportunities to financially support its programs and services which positively impact children, young adults and families facing mental health challenges

Other Ways to Donate

Creative Ways to Contribute to Casa Pacifica

There are many ways to contribute to Casa Pacifica and they don’t have to be in the usual, run-of-the-mill ways.
For example, we often have employer groups come out to campus and volunteer for a specific project! Here are more innovative ideas that donors have found to help Casa Pacifica’s kids!

Drop Off Donations

Drop Off Donations

Children’s Wish Lists

Gift Cards, Clothing, Personal Items Wished For

Each year Casa Pacifica must meet the school-year needs of more than 500 children and youth who will call Casa Pacifica home sometime during the year. Our Children’s Wish Lists provide the goods and needs our children require and look forward to.

Donate to Casa Pacifica Today

At the heart of every Casa Pacifica donor is the desire to help children and give them a fighting chance to succeed. Will you consider making Casa Pacifica your charity of choice?

Grand Grant Givers

Grand Grant Givers

Casa Pacifica is pleased to recognize Foundations and Corporations who have awarded grants of $5,000 or more to Casa Pacifica.