On Campus Volunteer of The Year

Casa Pacifica is always very grateful for the volunteer and support from community members and wants to provide esteemed recognition to those individuals that give so much to our youth! Casa Pacifica’s on-site volunteer program offers rare opportunities for caring people to make a difference. Volunteers enlighten young minds and open new doors, providing opportunities and possibilities.

Volunteers are positive role models, the first for some of the children, and offer new-world perspectives. We are always grateful for the generosity of each volunteer for donating his/her time and devotion to the children. Each year Casa Pacifica selects a Volunteer of the Year in recognition of the dedication and giving these volunteers bring to Casa Pacifica.

2016 - Bebe Lanquist

With a smile on her face every Wednesday as she arrives early to prepare our Cloud 9 Student Store, Bebe has taught us the responsibilities of managing money, the reward of hard work and graced us with her incredible love and kindness. Her commitment inspires us to continue on our mission to make a difference in the lives of children.

Fran Schmeer 2015 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

2015 - Fran Schmeer

Fran is 2015 Volunteer of the Year!

2014 Volunteer of the Year - Mark Donalson

2014 - Mark Donalson

Mark always comes into the gym with a smile on his face and a sincere interest for getting to know all the children. Over the years it has been evident how strong his relationships are with the children in our care simply shown by their excitement when he is scheduled to come play volleyball! He remains consistent with all the children in his approach which lends itself to a great learning experience.

2013 - Jasmin Taylor

Jasmine is a wonderful, hardworking person who on her day off from the Salon comes to see us to give us the best haircuts! Some of us have not had our hair cut by a professional before until meeting her! We are grateful that she brings the most updated hair styles to us. Sometimes she even takes requests! 

2012 - Dianna Baker

Dianna generously gives her time and resources to make sure the childrens’ holiday wish lists have been filled to stocking Cloud 9’s shelves with items the kids love. Dianna even covered the costs of remodeling the new Cloud 9 space so that it is larger and more convenient. She is always ready to help with a warm smile.


2011 - Rodger Krenkler

Rodger is 2011 Volunteer of the Year!

2010 - Heidi Whitcomb

Heidi is 2010 Volunteer of the Year!

2009 - Cecily Maulding

Cecily is 2009 Volunteer of the Year!

Penny Levic 2008 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

2008 - Penny Levic

Penny is 2008 Volunteer of the Year!


2007 - Pat McDonough and Rose Larsen

Pat McDonough and Rose Larsen are 2007 Volunteer of the Year!


2006 - Fran Targon

Fran is 2006 Volunteer of the Year!

Joan Rust 2005 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

2005 - Joan Rust

Joan is 2005 Volunteer of the Year!

Featured Volunteer of The Year

2004 - Patricia Cordover

Our on campus volunteer of the year has been with us for three years and turned our student store into a fantastic place to go. Her amazing energy, fun generous heart and caring for our mission has played a key part in the development of our Cloud 9 store, Angels Auxiliary and fundraising efforts. We’re so grateful for all she has done for us!

Tanya Andrews 2003 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

2003 - Tanya Andrews

Tayna is 2003 Volunteer of the Year!

Fran Elson 2002 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

2002 - Fran Elson

Fran is 2002 Volunteer of the Year!

Cindy McTeer 2001 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

2001 - Cindy McTeer

Cindy is 2001 Volunteer of the Year!

Russ Geary and Debra Sullivan 2000 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

2000 - Russ Geary and Debra Sullivan

Russ and Debra are 2000 Volunteer of the Year!

Barbara Wagner 1999 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

1999 - Barbara Wagner

Barbara is 1999 Volunteer of the Year!

Carmen Carlson 1998 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

1998 - Carmen Carlson

Carmen is 1998 Volunteer of the Year!

Betty Anderson 1997 Casa Pacifica Volunteer of The Year

1997 - Betty Anderson

Betty is 1997 Volunteer of the Year!

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