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Angel of The Year

Casa Pacifica is always very grateful for the volunteer and support from community members and wants to provide esteemed recognition to those individuals that give so much to our youth - Casa Pacifica Angels!

2021 - Oksana Zussman

Oksana Zussman has served on the Casa Pacifica Angels Board since 2012, giving generously of her time and talents. She is currently serving as one of the Children’s Events Co-Chairs, planning the four children’s parties sponsored each year by the Angels Auxiliary. She has also been instrumental in many of Casa Pacifica’s fundraising events – from being a sponsor to serving on planning committees. Most recently she volunteered countless hours for the Angels Spotlight on Style Fashion Show.

2020 - Patty Turnage

Starting on the Angel’s Board in 2005, she has been instrumental in many of Casa Pacifica’s fundraising events bringing in sponsors as well as volunteering her own time. We so appreciate her support of the Casa Pacifica Angels Wine, Food & Brew Festival Committee working on the famous silent auction, as well as putting her financial skills to work during the Spotlight on Style Fashion Show. She is always the first to lend a helping hand where it’s needed. We appreciate all of her talents and time she puts towards serving on the Finance Committee of the board. We can’t thank her enough for her time and dedication.

2019 - Tamiann Cook

Although relatively new to Casa Pacifica, Tami has been an amazing supporter – going above and beyond in so many ways. She can be seen at almost all of the children’s events on campus – ready to lend a hand and bring fun, creative ideas to the table. In addition to being on the Angels Board of Directors, Tami serves on our Planned Giving Committee where she happily lends her financial expertise. Her willingness to share her time, talent, and treasures has been priceless!

2018 - Susan Bauer

Susan has been deeply involved with Casa Pacifica for more than 12 years. Starting on the Angel’s Board in 2008, she has been instrumental in many of Casa Pacifica’s fundraising events – from hosting, to sponsoring and serving on planning committees, she’s done it all. That includes most recently volunteering countless hours of time on the Fashion Show Committee, putting her superb organizational skills to work. As well as longtime supporters of Casa Pacifica, her and her husband were major supporters of our Capital Campaign. Because of their generosity, the kids are able to enjoy our beautiful teaching kitchen and work on developing important life skills.

Lori Silvey

2017 - Lori Silvey

Lori truly exemplifies the spirit and heart of our Angels. Starting with the Angel’s in 2012, she took on many roles including a seat on the Angels Board of Directors, Angel’s Vice President, as well as being on the Spotlight on Style Fashion Show Committee. In addition to event and community support, she goes above and beyond in caring for our kid’s personal needs. From assembling beautiful Easter baskets to creating personal care bags filled with essentials, she continues to find opportunities to care for the children we serve.

Marilyn Stoddard

2016 - Marilyn Stoddard

Marilyn has been an active supporter of Casa Pacifica since 2008. She has been on the Angel board since 2012 and has served as Program Chair, Membership Chair and Chair of the Spotlight on Style Fashion Show for 4 years. Marilyn has also fulfilled Christmas Doves, donated prom dresses, Thanksgiving meals as well as countless hours of her time. We appreciate all of the time and effort she has given to us over the years and can’t thank her enough.

2015 - Terri Parks

Not only has Angel Terri Parks been a years long member of the Angels, she is also a member of the Casa Pacifica Board. Terri’s example of generosity with her time, gift solicitations and event coordination have been deeply valued by us.  She has facilitated our relationship with Amgen’s volunteers and we could not do the children’s parties without either of them! We cherish Terri’s time and talents!

Angel of The Year 2015

2014 - Debbie Simpson

Angel Debbie Simpson has served two years as President of the Angel Board and has served on the Wine, Food & Brew committee for over ten years. Debbie and her family generously give their time and support to each of our fundraisers, enlist help from the community and have supported many campus projects. We genuinely appreciate and value her commitment to volunteering for our children and youth!

Angel Volunteer of The Year 2014

2013 - Cindy Jaks

Angel Cindy Jaks has been involved with Casa Pacifica more than 13 years! Cindy has served on many planning committees, volunteered hundreds of hours for the festival restaurant committee and other events, and created many of Casa Pacifica’s beautiful and professionally done printed marketing material. She has provided us her superb organizational skills, fund-raising know-how and amazing talent. Her dedicated efforts have immeasurably blessed Casa Pacifica’s mission.

2012 - Michelle Paschen

Angel Michelle Paschen has been a Casa Pacifica Angel for many years providing priceless support for the Angels events, committees, fundraisers, and helping our aged-out foster youth gain work experience.  Her kind and caring nature has nurtured and helped countless children and youth over the years. With her calm, peaceful ways she has brought a tremendous of love to Casa Pacifica and we’re so grateful to recognize her!

2012 Angel of the Year - Michelle Sievers

2011 - Michelle Sievers

Angel Michelle Sievers served and co-chaired the Angels Ball for three years.  She co-chaired the adult volunteers for the Wine, Food & Brew Festival for two years. Her dedication, attention to details and ability to ‘get the job done’ have been treasured by her fellow Angels. We recognize this special lady for all she has done to help Casa Pacifica further our mission!

2010 - Jane Semones

Jane is 2011 Angel of the Year!

2009 - Barbara Ito

Angel Barbara Ito is a genuine, down-to-earth, good person who has a profound concern for the futures of Casa Pacifica’s children, a desire to be of service to others and whole-heartedly belief in Casa Pacifica’s mission. She has self-lessly dedicated a stunning amount of volunteer hours over many years and we’re so grateful for the love of this charismatic, dedicated and hard-working Angel.

2009 Angel of the Year - Kirsten Selleck

2008 - Kirsten Selleck

Angel Kirsten Selleck has blessed us with her amazing fun energy, outstanding leadership skills and dedicated generous heart. Kristin has volunteered at our Cloud 9 Store for the kids for years - cultivating into the popular store the kids and staff alike love to visit.  She has also served as our Angels President.  Kristin’s dedication and commitment to support Casa Pacifica’s mission has made a huge difference in many lives.

Angel of The Year

2007 - Patricia Cordover

Angel Patricia Cordover Our on campus volunteer of the year has been with us for three years and turned our student store into a fantastic place to go. Her amazing energy, fun generous heart and caring for our mission has played a key part in the development of our Cloud 9 store, Angels Auxiliary and fundraising efforts. We’re so very grateful for all she has done for Casa Pacifica’s mission and children!

2007 Angel of the Year - Susan Burgos

2006 - Susan Burgos

Angel Susan Burgos, a founding member of the Casa Pacifica Angels, has been involved with our agency for more than twenty years!  She has hosted fundraising events, worked on numerous Angels fundraisers and co-chaired many children’s parties. Her gentle, caring nature has brought joy and enrichment to countless children’s lives!

2005 - Petra Lowe

Angel Petra Lowe’s infectious energy coupled with her amazing leadership skills and selfless commitment to Casa Pacifica’s mission have been truly appreciated. Petra has served on Casa Pacifica’s Board of Directors and Angels Board.  She has helped us to raise thousands of fundraising dollars that have directly impacted our children and youth and it is an honor to award her this recognition!

Angel of The Year

2004 - Fran Elson

Longtime Angel Fran Elson has not only chaired many Angel fundraisers, been a member of Casa Pacifica’s Board, she has also been the recipient of previous Casa Pacifica awards The Guardian Angel and the On Campus Volunteer of the Year both in 2002. We have been so blessed by Fran! You can see evidence of her creativity and her abundance of love for the children at Casa Pacifica all over.

2003 - Sheila Rakestraw

Angel Sheila Rakestraw has been involved with Casa Pacifica for over 14 years! She has served on the Angels Board, fundraising committees, and helped chair The Angels Ball. Her dedication, selflessness and loving, outgoing spirit has delighted everyone at Casa Pacifica and we are so grateful for her support!

2002 - Joyce Hall

Angel Joyce Hall has volunteered with Casa Pacifica for many years. Her tremendous energy, loving spirit and passionate heart of gold helped turn a small intimate event into Ventura County’s Premier Wine and Food Festival! From her wonderful dedication to our our Angels Ball, Wine and Food Festival and Fashion fundraisers to helping host the children’s parties, Joyce has been a jewel to Casa Pacifica!