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Amigo of The Year

Casa Pacifica is always very grateful for the volunteer and support from community members and wants to provide esteemed recognition to those individuals that give so much to our youth - Casa Pacifica Amigos!

2019 - Julia Brankovic

Julia’s energy and passion for Casa Pacifica has been an inspiration to all who have been involved. As the Membership Chair, she is deeply involved in all aspects of the group – she can be seen at most all of the Amigos events on campus. She spearheaded the revival of our Membership Newsletter – a huge task to take on! She spends countless hours keeping our Amigos updated on the important work they do and keeping them connected.

2018 - Scott Squires

As an active Amigo Board Member and Amigo Event Co-chair, he coordinates and attends all of the Amigo’s campus activities. He spearheaded the revival of the ever-popular Amigos carnival day. It is an event the children look forward to all year! His lighthearted and positive attitude creates a comfortable environment for all the kids – giving them the confidence to want to join in on the fun.

2017 - Tim New

Tim is a founding member of the Amigos and has been dedicated since the very beginning. He has coordinated and attended many Amigos activities over the years. With the help of his family, he has orchestrated the Halloween Haunted house build. Tim also hosts our annual 3-week long Pinewood Derby - where he and his sons walk the kids through the process of designing, building, and racing their own cars. We cannot thank Tim enough for his many years of service!

Dennis Murphy 2016 Amigo of the Year

2016 - Dennis Murphy

Dennis is a true Amigos Captain and Champion. He has been instrumental in bringing tremendous fun and excitement to us for more than 12 years! Dennis has helped bring amazing events to campus, including the Soccer Clinics, Water Days, Basketball Clinics, Pinewood Derby Days, and many more. His boundless energy and infinite passion for the Amigos has been an inspiration to all who have been involved. His goal is simple: bring special events, laughter and most importantly fun to us at Casa Pacifica!

2015 Amigo of the Year - Tod Elliott

2015 - Tod Elliott

Amigo Tod is always there for the kiddos of Casa Pacifica whether he is a car designer/builder for Pinewood Derby, a chef for cookouts, driving the tractor for re-shaping the campus BMX track or guiding the kids through hikes and bikes activities.  They count on Tod, who travels with his smile, attitude and a very cool pickup truck. A tip of the sombrero to you Amigo Tod and Gracias for all you do!

2014 Amigo of the Year - Stephanie Carmi

2014 - Stephanie Carmi

Stephanie supports the Amigos in many ways. Her family has hosted many Amigo Poker nights over the past few years raising the needed funds to keep the Kids events going. Stephanie also keeps track of the Amigos Member database, email updates and event registrations. She is always there when the Amigos need support!

2013 Amigo of the Year - Shane Hanson

2013 - Shane Hanson

Shane, his wife, friends and family have devoted many Saturdays to Casa Pacifica organizing very successful game clinics that teach basketball, soccer and sportsmanship skills. This Amigo also reaches out to the community to encourage them to connect with Casa Pacifica to support us.  He is a wonderful example of putting together a team and working as a team!

Kevin Charbonneau

2012 - Kevin Charbonneau

Kevin’s contributions to the Amigos included the creation of the Casa Pacifica Camera Club. “The purpose of these pictures for Casa Pacifica is that it is for the kids to have,” said Charbonneau. “When we grew up, parents took pictures of us to have, but these kids don’t have that.” Kevin takes photos at the Amigos events and the Amigos provide prints to the kids as a keepsake of the event.

Deanne Rollins

2011 - Deanne Rollins

Deanne has led many nature hikes, beach events, brought gardening to the campus and led many other exciting activities for the kids of Casa Pacifica.  Deanne is the first woman president of the Amigos and brings the most amazing energy and creativity to all the events she has led! 


Rob Wynner

2010 - Rob Wynner

Rob serves on the Casa Pacifica Board of Directors, and is the Chair of the Program & Oversight Committee.  He and his law firm (Nevers, Palazzo, Packard, Widermuth & Wynner, PC) also provide pro bono legal services for Casa Pacifica, and are regular sponsors of the Annual Casa Pacifica Angels Wine and Food Festival.  As an Amigo, Rob developed and organizes the Amigos soccer events and he believes “Amigos soccer provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with the kids at Casa Pacifica.”

Ben Hopps

2009 - Ben Hopps

Ben has brought several new Amigos to the Amigos as well as new events to the kids.  Rowing, sailing and the ever popular Amigos Team Days have been supported by Ben and his family.  Ben has been instrumental in the long-standing “Amigo Poker” events that raise funds for the kids events put on by the Amigos.


Sonny Grenier

2008 - Sonny Grenier

Sonny was a long time board member who was treasurer for many years.  Sonny and his wife Pam were always opening the doors of their Skating Plus in Ventura for the kids to skate which is one of their favorite activities.  Sonny is very supportive and a great Amigo!


Tim New

2007 - Tim New

Tim New has been the “go-to” Amigo for many years.  Tim and his family have managed and staffed the annual, 3 consecutive weekend Pinewood Derby, the annual 3 day construction of the Halloween Haunted House in the gymnasium and been a part of almost every Amigo event.  His planning, hard work and heartfelt compassion for the kids have helped make the Amigos a mainstay at Casa Pacifica.

Dennis Murphy

2006 - Dennis Murphy

Inspired by the stories told by his wife Vicki, who started as a volunteer and Angel at Casa Pacifica, Murf started the Amigos to fill a void of on-campus, adult males who brought fun activities for the kids.  The Amigos were mostly men in the early years but are now well balanced with both men and women who share their passions, hobbies and time with the kids.