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Wraparound is a State initiated and County funded program intended to keep children in their own homes and communities who would otherwise be placed in out-of-home care settings such as residential treatment programs or group homes.  This goal is accomplished by bringing together a unique team comprised of professionals and individuals who know and care about the family.

Called the child and family team (CFT), this group helps develop a plan that builds on the family’s strengths and uses natural supports along with community resources to stabilize the youth and keep them out of congregate care.

How it Works

The Wraparound motto is doing “whatever it takes” to keep the child and family together safely.  Once enrolled in Wraparound, the Wraparound process typically lasts for approximately six (6) months though each family’s unique needs determine the length of stay within the program.  Wraparound is considered a process not a service where the family’s self-identified needs drive the process. The goal of Wraparound is not to eliminate all crises since, in some situations, the youth’s needs will require lifelong support. Instead, the goal for families is to create a safety net of natural and community connections that will continue to support the youth and family long after Wraparound ends. 

Who is Eligible

Referrals for Wraparound are made through Ventura County Probation Agency and Human Services Agencies (Including Adoptions Assistance Program, Permanency Planning, Family Maintenance, and Family Reunification).

Wrap Around Life Domains

Following the Ten Principles of Wraparound, the program takes a unique approach to working with youth and families having the most acute and complex needs in the county.  While taking a family-driven, needs-focused, strength-based approach, the Wraparound team comprised of a Family Facilitator, Parent Partner, and Family Specialist works with the entire Child & Family Team to address the family’s needs in twelve life domains:

• Safety
• Family
• Social/Friends
• Emotional/Behavioral
• Education/Vocation
• Work
• Money
• Housing
• Health/Medical
• Cultural/Spiritual
• Legal
• Recreation

The CFT team develops a Mission Statement as well as a Safety and Crisis Plan and a Plan of Care to drive the process. All of these plans are constantly reviewed and revised as the family needs change throughout the process.

Following a competitive bid process overseen by Ventura County Human Services Agency, Casa Pacifica was awarded the Wraparound program contract in 2003, and have had the contract ‘re-awarded’ since then, continuing to be the sole provider for Ventura County.  While the contract is set to provide services for 35 active families, we work collaboratively with the county referring agencies to provide services to approximately 50-55 families per month including those families receiving 60-day follow-up support after graduating from the Wraparound program.

Wraparound also provides ancillary supports such as an outpatient substance abuse group for youth displaying high risk behavior associated with substance use, Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults, and two family programs, Strengthening Families 10-14 and Familia Adelante.  These programs have been incorporated into Wraparound to provide additional supports to youth and families so that together, they can achieve success, stability, and a brighter future.

Theresa Plante, Ed.D.
Program Manager for Wraparound and Intensive Family Services

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