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Youth Employment Program

As part of Transitional Youth Services (TYS) services, the Youth Employment Program offers Casa Pacifica’s transitioning youth the opportunity to acquire work experience, learn basic skills, and earn some money through part-time, on-campus jobs. Positions include:

• Assisting the maintenance department with projects around campus
• Working in a campus office, such as Reception or the Development Department, performing basic jobs like filing, stuffing envelopes, creating flyers, answering phones, etc.
• Helping out with odd jobs in the nonpublic school

In addition to the chance to make a little money, campus jobs offer transitioning youth the opportunity to be mentored and educated in what it takes to be a good quality, successful employee all within an environment that understands the youths’ difficult backgrounds and emotional challenges:

• Understanding and working under a chain of command
• Learning appropriate communication skills
• Understanding the importance of being responsible and reliable
• Learning how to correctly perform basic tasks and follow directions

Casa Pacifica’s Youth Employment Program’s goal is to prepare Casa Pacifica’s youth for what they will need to know once they are out in the working world.

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