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Short Term Adolescent Residential Treatment (START)

STARTCasa Pacifica’s Short Term Adolescent Residential Treatment (START) is designed for youth ages 9 through 17 years old who are challenged with emotional dysregulation. Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in Camarillo, Casa Pacifica’s 25 acre campus houses classrooms, a library, fully-equipped music room, gymnasium, swimming pool, play fields, counseling rooms, training/conference space, a medical clinic and administrative offices. Casa Pacifica’s beautiful rural setting is four miles from the Pacific Ocean and midway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. To learn more, fill out our easy, online Confidential Screening form below.

Who We Serve

We treat a wide range of mental health issues for youth 9 through 17 years old including:
• Anxiety Disorders
• Depressive and Bi-Polar Disorders
• Self-Harm Behaviors
• Trauma and PTSD
• Illicit substance use
• Co-occurring Disorders

How We Do It

• Daily Group Therapy
• Individual therapy 3-4 times per week
• Family Therapy
• Daily Skills Groups and Practice
• Recreational Therapy
• Experiential Therapies
• Integrated Psychiatric Care
• Evidence Based Practices including dialectical behavior therapy
• Recovery Program Based on UCLA Matrix Program

Why Casa Pacifica?

• 25 acre campus with indoor and outdoor recreational facilities
• On-site school with credentialed teachers
• Opportunities to participate in a state of the art music program
• Multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified and licensed professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrist, LVN, recreational therapists, music therapist, and youth development specialists.
• All staff are trained in Safe Environments Procedures to keep youth safe
• Low staff to youth ratio
• On site health clinic
• Psychiatric medication management
• Continuing care available in our Intensive Outpatient Service
• The opportunity to apply to our independent living program at 18 years of age

“Casa Pacifica loved me until I learned to love myself.”

START Confidential Screening

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Other Information

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