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Education Services

EducationCasa Pacifica offers three types offers educational services to students through our therapeutic pre-school, an on-campus non-public school for residents of our Level 14 RTC program as well as maintaining school placement for students in our emergency shelter.

Non-Public School

Located on the Camarillo campus, Casa Pacifica’s Non-Public Special Education School (NPS) is a state certified, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited, diploma-granting institution that serves special needs children in grades 1 - 12 with primary diagnoses of:
WASC• Emotional Disturbance
• Autism
• Other Health Impairment
• Specific Learning Disabilities

Students may be referred through the Residential Treatment Center or as a day student from local school districts.  For more information on referring a student please see below.

We provide a safe, relationship-based, therapeutic and academically enriching environment with a focus on personalized academic interventions that fill gaps in critical academic areas. In addition to clinical services, Casa Pacifica uses Collaborative Problem Solving ©, Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) ©, and SAFE Environments© to build relationships and help children reach their goals. We use evidence based practices to teach skills and equip students with self confidence, positive character traits and problem solving strategies, so that they can successfully transition to a less restrictive setting as quickly as appropriate. 

Multi-Sensory De-escalation Room

Academic Focus

Our educational program is designed to meet the specific academic needs of each student. The standards-based comprehensive curriculum enables students to benefit from a wide variety of learning experiences in order to build classroom skills and promote social growth.

A low student-staff ratio–of approximately 1:4 and class sizes of 6-8 students, enable students to receive the individualized attention they require in order to be successful. In addition to core academic courses we offer the following courses or activities:
• Music
• Art
• Physical Education by a certified fitness instructor
• Electives (Journalism, work experience, cooking, horse ranch)
• Targeted Reading & Math Intervention
• Online Courses through Apex Learning
• Credit Recovery
• Vocational Education and Transition Programs (including on campus job opportunities and participation in our county Regional Occupational Program R.O.P)
Character Based Literacy (CBL)
• Project Based Learning

We believe that every child can achieve academic and social success and each student is provided with quality instructional experiences that recognize, support and maintain high expectations while promoting the mission, vision and values of Casa Pacifica.

Additional Services

In addition to the academic, relationship focus and school based therapeutic services (which include group skill building and a classroom based clinician), Casa Pacifica provides a full range of clinical services including a health clinic, psychiatric services, speech & language*, occupational therapy*, transportation* and additional individual counseling*. (*additional costs are associated with these services)

New Students

All new students begin in our orientation room for anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks.  During this time, they become acclimated to our environment.  Our team does a battery of academic assessments as well as interest and strengths based inventories.  The team then determines the best classroom placement for the student based on academic, behavioral, cognitive and developmental needs.

Education Transition Coordinator

Casa Pacifica NPS provides a dedicated teacher to meet the transitional needs of our students.  This may include
• On-campus or off-campus jobs
• Coordinating the Workability program with the county
• Coordinating participation in our county wide ROP program
• Carrying out requirements of transition page of IEP
• Coordinating postsecondary needs and plans for HS students


Over the past 3 years, our students have made multiple grade level gains in reading and math prior to returning to their home district. In 2010-2011 over 50% of our high school students passed at least one section of the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) and 80% of students who did not return for the 2011-2012 school year went to a less restrictive environment. Over the past two years, 100% of our graduates received a diploma and are enrolled in college or a vocational school.


For more information, to schedule a visit or to refer a student please, please contact the school office at (805) 366-4072.  Typically the school district would email or fax a cover letter (see sample below) and a packet of information that would include a current IEP, psycho-educational report, behavior/academic reports and any other pertinent information. 

2016-2017 Calendar  (PDF)
2017-2018 Calendar  (PDF)

For information contact (805) 366-4071

Children and youth in the Residential Treatment program typically attend the on-campus, nonpublic school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The special education school serves day students referred by local school districts.

Per the McKinney-Vento act, children placed in the emergency shelter care program will typically continue to attend their community school while they are in placement. Casa Pacifica provides a full time Foster Youth Education Liaison to ensure that students are enrolled in school immediately and to help coordinate all of their educational needs.  Additionally, Casa Pacifica has a full-time transportation department and has worked with local school districts to ensure students are able to get to and from school.  In recognizing that children placed in emergency care are facing major disruptions in their everyday life, it is our goal to ensure that the disruption to their educational needs is minimal. Children under six years old who have been placed in the Crisis Care Program emergency shelter participate in Casa Pacifica’s therapeutic preschool. A certified preschool teacher prepares the curriculum and aides assure an adult-child ratio of 1:3. Each child undergoes a comprehensive assessment that not only assists the teacher in individualizing the curriculum, but also helps in planning for school placement following discharge.

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