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Every mental health professional, teacher, social worker or child advocate needs an inpatient resource that they can turn to when children need more than an outpatient visit or a specialized classroom.  Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families provides an array of support and care to help kids and families overcome some of life’s most difficult circumstances – trauma, complex emotional and behavioral issues, and family crises.

Casa Pacifica Non Public School (NPS)

Located on its 25-acre Camarillo campus, Casa Pacifica’s Non-Public Special Education School (NPS) is a WASC accredited, diploma-granting institution serving children, adolescents, and transition-aged youth in grades 1 - 12 dealing with complicated issues such as:

• Emotional Disturbance
• Other Health Impairment
• Specific Learning Disabilities

Fully certified with commendations by the State Department of Education, our NPS serves children/youth ages 8 through 18 placed in the Residential Treatment Program or Assessment, Stabilization, and Permanency Center as well as day students from surrounding communities.

We provide a safe, relationship-based, therapeutic and academically enriching environment with a focus on personalized academic interventions that fill gaps in critical academic areas. In addition to clinical services, Casa Pacifica uses Collaborative Problem Solving ©, Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) ©, and SAFE Environments© to build relationships and help children reach their goals. We use evidence based practices to teach skills and equip students with self-confidence, positive character traits and problem solving strategies, so that they can successfully transition to a less restrictive setting as quickly as appropriate.

Academic Focus

Our educational program is designed to meet the specific academic needs of each student. The standards-based comprehensive curriculum enables students to benefit from a wide variety of learning experiences to build classroom skills and promote social growth.

A low student-staff ratio–of approximately 1:4 enables students to receive the individualized attention they require to be successful. In addition to core academic courses, Casa Pacifica provides:
• Music
• Art
• Physical Education
• Electives
• Targeted Reading & Math Intervention
• Online Courses
• Credit Recovery
• Vocational Education and Transition Programs (including on campus job opportunities)

We believe every child can achieve academic and social success and each student is provided with quality instructional experiences that recognize, support and maintain high expectations while promoting the mission, vision and values of Casa Pacifica. 


Casa Pacifica serves all of Southern California as your local connection to specialized care. 

For more information, to schedule a visit or to refer a student please contact the school office at
(805) 366-4072.

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