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Casa Pacifica Sad to Announce the Passing of Archie the Therapy Dog

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Camarillo, CA August 17, 2015 – It is with a deep and heavy sadness that Casa Pacifica announces the passing of its beautiful Newfoundland and original therapy dog, Archibald Razz-M-Tazz - more famously known as “Archie the Therapy Dog.” Archie, who turned 10 years old in May, was the agency’s “gentle giant,” a great healer who brought his peaceful, calming presence, comfort, and love over the last decade to nearly 4,000 children on Casa Pacifica’s campus - children placed in the emergency shelter, residential treatment center, or attending the nonpublic school. He possessed an insightful intuition that seemed to tell him when a child needed his extra attention and gentle presence. He demonstrated an endless patience with children pulling his tail, poking in his nose and ears, tugging his fur, and lounging up against, or atop, his enormous body. He would sit for long periods of time with a child, letting them read to him or cry into his fur. He loved to run and chase behind the youth in Casa Pacifica’s quad, sometimes stealing their football or soccer balls and popping them in his teeth, or swimming and playing with the children in the pool. The children loved it, and loved him. Archie was certified as a therapy dog and in water rescue.

Archie didn’t just win the hearts of the children he served so loyally. He also won the love and admiration of the staff, and volunteers, and had thousands of fans in the community and around the nation. Archie marched in the Big Dog Parade in Santa Barbara. He visited countless elementary schools and ‘shared’ Casa Pacifica’s story. He appeared on the Today Show; was featured on CBS’s Dog Tales TV show; had news pieces run about him on both local stations and national networks; and was featured in a book titled, “A Letter to My Dog, Notes to Our Best Friends,” by Kimi Culp, Lisa Erspamer, and Robin Layton. Archie was also immortalized in a life-sized bronze statue erected of him which is located at the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks. In September, Archie will be featured on the Food Network’s “Cake Masters” with Chef Duff Goldman, detailing the creation of the special cake Chef Duff designed to recognize Archie’s 10th birthday, which was a highlight at Casa Pacifica’s Wine, Food & Brew Festival in June.

Archie made valuable contributions to Casa Pacifica and the abused, neglected, and at-risk children he loved. He provided not only therapeutic help for the children, but served wonderfully as an ambassador to the community. But, Archie’s work is not done. He will live on, fulfilling his mission to love and heal vulnerable children and youth through the Team Archie Fund. This fund will not only memorialize Archie’s unforgettable contributions to the life and mission of Casa Pacifica, but it will collect and provide funding to support the unexpected, uncovered, extra expenses beyond what the basic needs of Casa Pacifica’s children are. Needs such as anesthesia for a dental surgery, providing travel costs for a family member coming from a distance to see a child as part of his/her treatment, paying for a child to go meet family he didn’t know about through family finding, buying a class ring and portrait pictures for a graduating high school senior, and so much more. Please contact Vicki Murphy at (805) 366-4010, or at if you would like to contribute to the Team Archie Fund in honor of Archie and the wonderful work he performed with deserving children.

In addition, Casa Pacifica plans to honor Archie by naming one of the new residential cottages to be built through Casa Pacifica’s current “Building New Foundations of Hope” Capital Campaign after him, in recognition of Archie’s contribution to Casa Pacifica and its children – truly giving special meaning to the name the “peaceful home.”

Casa Pacifica is deeply grateful for all the blessings Archie brought to this campus and to the children he loved so well. He is deeply loved and will be greatly missed.

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Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families is a crisis-care and residential treatment facility for abused, neglected, or at-risk children in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. The agency is the largest non-profit provider of children’s mental health services in both counties and administers a number of community-based programs which are designed with the intent to strengthen families and keep children in their homes. For more information about Casa Pacifica visit its website or call the Development Department at (805) 445-7800.