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May 18, 2017

Casa Pacifica began as a center built to offer residential treatment to children and teens in need of intensive therapeutic care. Though residential treatment is still a cornerstone of our mission, and though it has proven effective for many of our patients, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For many young people, staying with family is the best path to recovery. Because of this, we have expanded our reach over the past 23 years to include programs tailored to youth for whom residential treatment is not a viable option.

Among our many in-home programs is Wraparound, a government-funded program aimed at keeping children and teens who would otherwise be placed in group homes, residential treatment, or other out-of-the-home recovery centers at home, with family. The way the process works is to match families with a team of experts who work closely with both the child and the family to establish a safe and healthy environment.

It is notable that with Wraparound, the goal is not to “fix” a problem, but rather to find pathways to alleviate tension and build a support system that a family can turn to in the midst of a crisis. Many children and teens in the Wraparound program are dealing with difficulties that will require lifetime support, which is what the program aims to facilitate establishing. This is done by taking a holistic approach, focusing on twelve life domains ranging from the financial to the spiritual, medical to educational, and beyond. The family also works with specialists to establish a dynamic Mission Statement, Safety Crisis Plan, and Plan of Care.

Referral to the Wraparound program is typically given by either the Ventura County Probation Agency or the Human Services Agency and tends to be particularly helpful to children and teens with difficulty adjusting to adopted homes, among others. Though typically the program lasts about 6 months, different situations are met with different timelines, and often families will participate in a 60-day follow-up program after the process has been completed.

Wraparound is a government-implemented program and is not unique to Casa Pacifica. The Ventura County Wraparound Program, however, has been run and maintained by Casa Pacifica, with the support of the state and county, since 2003. To read more about the Wraparound Program, visit us at: