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The Gift of Charity

September 5, 2018

September 5th is International Day of Charity
We, as humans, are social beings. Although some people do enjoy a life of solitude, most of us thrive when supported by those closest to us - family, friends, neighbors, and ultimately our community. We work together, play together, live together, and give together. We don’t need to feel alone, nor do we want to.

Part of what makes a community great is a common commitment to the well-being of all, on a local and global scale. As social beings, we want to feel supported and, in turn, we feel moved to support those around us. This is includes being charitable and taking care of each other in our day to day lives.

Charity is generosity. Charity is helpfulness and giving, especially to those who may be suffering, experiencing hardship or those that have a specific need. Charity is not only part of a successful community, it supports goodwill and a love of humankind.

Helping those in need makes us feel good too. Giving back helps develop positive character traits, it sets a good example for others and empowers us to know we can make a positive difference.

This month we celebrate charity and all the good that comes with it. September 5th is International Day of Charity. There are many ways to be charitable, like volunteering with a nonprofit organization, random acts of kindness, monetary donations, or donated items or skills.

In 2017, Americans gave more than $410 billion in charitable gifts. And with most nonprofits offering secure online donation options, giving has never been easier. There is no right or wrong when it comes to charity, give according to your heart.
So, in celebration of International Day of Charity…

1. Research charitable organizations that interest you.
2. Decide how you want to give back.
3. Get to giving!