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Separation Anxiety and Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

May 22, 2018

Understanding separation anxiety and other mood disorders

If you are a parent or have witnessed children being raised, you know very well that young children can suffer separation anxiety. An attached figure such as a parent leaving the room is enough for many kids to start screaming. Generally, this is considered a phase that children outgrow. However, when your child does not outgrow the signs of separation anxiety by the time they reach pre-teen or teenage years, they may be showing signs of a mood disorder like disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD), characterized by outbursts when the child is disrupted from an activity. Below are leading signs of separation anxiety:

  • Exaggerated fear of doom or harm expressed to a parent by the child
  • Clear distress upon talking about separation
  • Worry about natural disasters that may cause separation
  • Clingy behavior where the child will not leave the parent
  • Fear of being lonely and nightmares about separation
  • Anxiety brought about by sleeping alone
  • Physical signs when separation is in the offing

If separation anxiety does not go away as your child grows, it could be an issue going forward. In this case, it is good to take action early to find out whether there is a deeper issue present. Typically, mood disorders are diagnosed after children reach school age. By the time your child is attending school, they should learn how to be independent step by step. In children who might have mood disorders, their anger will seem to grow as they progress. They typically may become erratic and manifest all manner of outbursts.

This happens because they cannot naturally transition from one activity to another without feeling deeply disturbed.

At Casa Pacifica, we are professionals who can help your child move in the right direction. Our experts will evaluate your child to reach a proper diagnosis. Next, a treatment plan will be put in place so that your child can start the process of recovery. Our mission is to improve and enrich the overall health of your child. This will help instill in them a sense of purpose and belonging. Start the healing journey by contacting us today!