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Practical Tips to Manage Hyperactivity in Children

October 23, 2018

ADHD in children can be frustrating for the entire family. According to Helpguide, children with ADHD are missing key areas of their executive function – the ability to think, make plans, stay organized and under control, and finish what they start. As a parent, it’s important to recognize that the outbursts of energy, yelling or talking a mile a minute are not voluntary actions. Kids with ADHD need support to help channel their boundless energy into something stable and productive.

As a parent, it’s important to realize that chances are, what frustrates you about your child’s behavior is also extremely frustrating to them. They may want to finish their homework or be helpful around the house, but they lack the focus to do so.

Acting as a strong role model with reliable, consistent feedback is a good way to demonstrate the change you’d like to see. Patience and compassion when you make demands on your child are also critical. And, a little flexibility goes a long way. Be ready to make exceptions and keep realistic expectations of a hyperactive child.