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My Child Has the Summertime Blues

July 5, 2018

If your child seems depressed now that school is out, you’re not alone. Without the schedule and structure of daily school, many kids and teens might find summertime an emotionally challenging time.

GoodTherapy has an insightful article with 10 tips for parents to help their children who may be exhibiting signs of summertime depression, or summer seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If your child’s symptoms are more severe, then the START program at Casa Pacifica is a great place to begin to learn how we can help. 

Casa Pacifica’s Short Term Adolescent Residential Treatment (START) program is designed for youth ages 9 through 17 years old and specifically addresses a wide range of mental health issues.

Contact us, or call now at (805) 366-4000.

Amended December 15, 2020