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More than Mood Swings: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

July 27, 2017

All too often, Borderline Personality Disorder is misunderstood as common, manageable mood swings, leading sufferers to be treated as if they are weak or not trying hard enough when emotional regulation becomes difficult. In reality, however, BPD is a serious condition that makes everyday obstacles seem insurmountable.

Borderline Personality Disorder is primarily a condition which affects a person’s ability to regulate their emotions in order to respond to stressors in a healthy way. Adults and children suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder often struggle with severe anxiety, struggle to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones, and often fall into destructive behaviors such as substance abuse or suicide attempts. BPD is a condition which can affect all aspects of one’s life, and as such should not be taken lightly.

Though there is no concrete evidence as to the causes of BPD, it often develops as a result of trauma experienced at a young age. This trauma may be evident, such as a severely trying emotional event or an abusive environment, but often the trauma is not visible from the outside. A child can grow up in a loving and welcoming environment while struggling with unseen difficulties that can develop into Borderline Personality Disorder if not addressed and ameliorated.

Though Borderline Personality Disorder can follow a person for their entire life, there are effective treatments available to sufferers of all ages. In particular, youth, though in some ways more vulnerable to the negative impact of the disorder, often see recovery with the right tools at their aid.

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At Casa Pacifica, we help children and teens with Borderline Personality Disorder learn to regulate emotions in a healthy and sustainable way, allowing them to regain their control on life and grow into their full potential. If your child or loved one is struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder, schedule a free and confidential appointment today to see how Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families can help: