Helping Teens Who Cut

March 7, 2017

Teen cutting can leave parents bewildered, concerned and asking what they can do to help. Why would their child choose to pick up a sharp object and intentionally mark their body in this manner?

Firstly parents need to know that in most cases, a teen who cuts is not trying to commit suicide. Teen cutting is often a way for them to try to control difficult emotions that they are experiencing. Teens may be facing issues that they do not feel that they have the ability to deal with, so too often they may turn to cutting in an attempt to dull the emotional pain.

With the right support and information, parents can begin to help their teen to overcome cutting. Accepting the fact that you have a cutting teen, and that your child needs loving and supportive help, is the first step. It’s understandable for parents to feel concern, sadness, and other difficult emotions in relation to this issue. Often talking about these feelings with a friend or a qualified professional is helpful in starting the process of working toward an effective solution.

Learning why their child cuts is the next step for parents in working toward recovery for their teen. Being a teenager today can be very difficult for the child and can present many challenges for the family, as there often can be a daily onslaught of feelings and emotions to deal with, not to mention perceived pressure from others.

Communication between parents and the affected teenager is vitally important. No conversation about teen cutting is going to be easy, but teens should know that their parents care and are trying to understand the issues around cutting. Most teens will probably not want to talk to their parents initially about cutting, but it’s important to at least attempt to start a dialogue with your teen and to keep trying in an effort to help your child with this issue.

For more on ways that you can help your teen, read the full article on the KidsHealth site here.

Love, understanding, and communication are essential in supporting teen cutting, but professional help can also play an important role in helping the teen to overcome the fears and pressures that lead to cutting. For some teens cutting may be caused by other previously undiagnosed disorders or conditions. In determining which therapies can be most beneficial, it is important that the teen feels they will be able to build a relationship of trust with the care provider.

Casa Pacifica has many highly qualified therapists and care providers on staff that can help to begin the process of helping your child to work through these and other issues that your child may be experiencing. We would be happy to discuss how we can help, please visit our website for more information:

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