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Halloween Safety Tips

October 31, 2017

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is an exciting time for both kids and grown-ups but is also a time for families to be extra careful when it comes to safety. Trick-or-treating is a pleasant time that children look forward to each year, but can suddenly turn into a negative experience if someone is injured. To ensure your child will have a fun and safe trick-or-treating experience, here are some Halloween safety tips you can use to help keep your family safe.

Tips for Walking Safely

1. Instruct the kids to cross the road at corners using crosswalks and traffic signals.
2. Look left and right and then left again while crossing the street.
3. Put any electronic devices away.
4. Instruct kids to maintain eye contact with motorists in front of them before crossing the street.
5. Walk on driveways and sidewalks wherever possible. If there are no driveways or sidewalks, make sure you walk facing the traffic to the left as much as possible.
6. Cross streets at marked crosswalks.

Trick or Treating Tips

Parents should always monitor their children while trick or treating. For children below 12 years old, adult supervision is necessary. Even if children are old enough to be left alone while trick or treating, they should stay in groups and walk in well-lit areas.

Halloween Costume Safety Tips

1. Halloween costumes must be flame-resistant and fit well. Never wear extra-large shoes, oversize pants or skirts that could cause your child to trip. The costumes should also be reflective or made of light colors.
2. Use makeup and face paint instead of face masks to avoid blocking your child’s vision.
3. Have children use flashlights or glow sticks to enable them to spot and be spotted by drivers.
4. Make sure costume accessories like fake knives, swords or guns are truly fake and do not have any sharp edges.
Halloween Driving Tips
1. Slow down and stay alert as kids may crossroads in unexpected areas.
2. Take more time at junctions to look for children.
3. Drive slowly when approaching or leaving driveways.
4. Avoid any distractions in your car. For example, do not use a mobile phone while driving. Any small distraction can be disastrous.
5. Drive carefully, expect sudden movement and turn headlights on as early as possible.

For more on keeping your kids safe this Halloween, visit Safe Kids Worldwides’s page for some helpful reminders:

Have fun tonight, and stay safe out there! Happy Halloween!