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Five major signs your teen needs residential treatment

June 5, 2018

Five major signs your teen needs residential treatment
by Kristen Angel

Casa PacificaWill your teenager benefit from residential treatment?Parenting is a daunting challenge as it is but lately you find reaching out to your teen has become more and more of a difficult task. Recently, it seems like your teen has transformed into someone you can barely control let alone trust.
Their grades have plummeted, they don’t respect you, every conversation leads to an argument and you really don’t know how to turn this around.

If your teen has become engrossed in drug abuse and has behavioral problems as a parent you need to consider residential treatment.
Many parents may feel residential treatment is not an option for fear of making their teen feel abandoned but, this option is to better and assist your child.
After turning eighteen they can willingly check themselves out of a center at any given time making their window of recovery smaller.

If you are still on the fence about sending your teen to a residential rehab consider these five reasons below:

Your teen is unable to understand their actions have consequences
If your teen is having a hard time seeing the chain of negative effects their choices are having on their life, body, family and future they are in need of residential treatment. Blaming their behavior or antics on others is a text book example of how they will continue to make bad choices in the future. If you or your family is always in a crisis due to your teen’s choices then outside help is necessary for your teens to understand how their choices impact them and others. Time away from their normal environment also gives them time to reflect on their choices and how they have affected others.

They don’t respond to typical behavioral and parenting strategies
Your teen is still lashing out even after you’ve administered a punishment such as taking away their gaming system and set clear guidelines like curfews for them to follow. A program away from home may be best. You’ve even rewarded good behavior and they are still displaying disruptive behavioral remember they are not motivated by rewards or even consequences! They will act out no matter what and will blame others for their problems.

Their judgment continues to plummet
Drugs are no longer the worst they are dabbling into, your teens could be selling and making drugs to support their habit and lash out. Other signs are not attending school, having unprotected sex with multiple partners, stealing and being violent. These poor choices will add up to very dangerous consequences.

Teens display signs of psychiatric issues
If your teen has been diagnosed multiple times, have been prescribed medication but it seems to have no effect or have been caught engaging in self harming behavior. These are signs that your teens needs to be both medically and psychologically cared for to get the proper help they deserve. Residential treatment is the best way to help your teen come to terms with their actions and how to live a productive life despite their issues.

Your house has been turned upside down
Your teen continues to make false promises to do better but continues with their deteriorating behavior. They have become both verbally and psychically aggressive that they are a danger to other family members.

Teen residential treatment
Residential treatment can seem like a scary and harsh choice to sentence your teens to but with proper research you can find a treatment center that fits the needs and accommodations to fit your child. This type of treatment is meant to give your teen space between themselves and the harmful environment or pressure that contributes to their behavior. They get the opportunity to work on themselves and learn how to cope with stressors of life in a healthy manner.

When drug abuse and behavioral problems exacerbate the general problems associated with raising a teenager, residential treatment could be a parent’s strongest recourse. more

At Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families, providing a safe environment for children and teens to receive therapeutic care is our top priority. If your teenager is showing signs of drug abuse or behavioral disorders, reach out to us today and see what options are available for your child: Casa Pacifica’s START Program for Teens