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Explore the Benefits of Creativity at START

September 18, 2018

Creativity can be a powerful exercise for children and teens dealing with a variety of mental health issues. Owning a creative project, whether it’s a painting, a poem, song or dramatic skit, gives young people a sense of pride and purpose. Not only do art projects allow kids to express skills, creative activities come with a sense of freedom that is difficult to impart in other types of learning.

Everyone can be creative – performance and visual arts are not reserved for those who have received special training. In particular, activities like improvisational music, drama, and dance allow kids with mental health issues to safely enact everyday social situations that they might normally find challenging, such as conversation, sharing, focusing and solving problems.

“The tools we use to reach therapeutic goals are unlimited. We are fortunate to have skilled and certified professionals implementing various modalities such as art, dance, music, outdoor adventure, and more to accomplish treating the whole person.” Each modality is carefully implemented to meet the needs of our youth struggling with mental health impairments. We rely on creativity and having fun to improve health and wellness in youth.”- Amanda Martinez Casa Pacifica Recreation Therapy Supervisor.

Music is helpful for everything from practicing motor skills and dexterity to providing an emotional release and dynamic outlets for children’s feelings. Playing music can help increase a child’s willingness to engage in additional forms of treatment and education.

“The Casa Pacifica music program is where I learned to play and love guitar. If the program didn’t exist, I don’t think I would have grown as much as I have.”- Casa Pacifica alum.

At Casa Pacifica, our Short Term Adolescent Residential Treatment Program (START) includes music as an integral part of our education. Through music and creativity, children and teens can explore their unique voices and untapped means of self-expression. If you have a child you feel might benefit from our (START) program, please visit our website for more information.