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3 Ways to Emotionally Prepare Kids to go Back to School

August 14, 2018

The beginning of a new school year comes with a flurry of emotions for kids. Children may have anxiety about social encounters, excitement to set out on a fresh start, or perhaps an undefined sense of agitation and urgency that breaks from the slow summer days. Together, parents and children can take a variety of steps to prepare for the school year. The Public School Review recommends these:

Refresh School Supplies
Clothing, backpacks, notebooks, pencils…what your child brings and wears to school can be important to his or her sense of individuality and personal expression. Stocking up on new supplies also gives you a chance to toss out old things that no longer work, or clothes that don’t fit.

Commit to a Schedule
To create a smooth adjustment to the school schedule, make small changes to children’s bedtimes and morning alarm over time. Talk to your kids about a typical day in the coming months, making sure to mention fun stuff like family meals, after-school activities and playtime with friends.

Start a Positive Conversation
It is especially important to vocally encourage kids who feel more anxious than excited about the new school year, or teens who aren’t expressive. Parents can model their interest in learning by talking about memories from their experience in school, or by learning something new while kids watch.