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Jenny’s story

Jenny came to us six months ago. She had a lot of trauma in her past and because of that trauma, found herself in the foster care system. After arriving she presented with suicidal behavior, often swallowing glass. “She was pretty resistant to being here,” Hannah, a Casa Pacifica clinician remembered. “She would say ‘I don’t need to be here’ and ‘I don’t need treatment’ and generally just minimize her symptoms. She is a kid whose trauma has led to a lot of self-doubt and poor self-esteem.

But after developing relationships with several staff, she has done well since - even joining the youth-led Community Council comprised of youth leaders on campus who exhibit good behavior. She has adjusted well to life at Casa Pacifica and staff have seen a significant reduction in suicidal and self-harm behaviors. “We’re currently working on sustaining safe behaviors with her, as her ultimate goal is to find a foster home,” said clinician Hannah.

But we think Jenny said it best…

“Before I came to Casa Pacifica I was really closed off to change. I didn’t see what I needed to learn or how I needed to grow. But the second I came to the campus, I was welcomed by staff. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in my short stay here. My favorite thing about Casa Pacifica is “Otie” (Otis the therapy dog) and that I get to go to a horse ranch once a week with our recreational therapy staff and spend time with a horse named “Juan.” This may sound cheesy, but I’m pretty sure Casa Pacifica has saved my life. I still have more to learn before my 18th birthday, but I feel like I’ll be able to be more successful in my future.