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Angie’s Story

Angie entered the foster care system at age 13. Her parents divorced by the time she was two - she had no relationship with her absentee mother and moved out of her dad’s home to live with relatives when she was 12 due to rising tensions. But that didn’t work out either, Angie did not feel safe and asked to be placed in a group home at age 13.

Angie struggled in the system and went through three placements in less than a year. Then she was placed with Sabrina, one of Casa Pacifica’s Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) parents. ISFC parents are trained to offer a home to children with intense needs, they often have a history of unsuccessful foster placements and have endured complex traumas in their childhood.

“Children thrive in loving families” - Kimberly Bennett, Casa Pacifica Director of Community Based Services.

After placement, the honeymoon phase quickly wore off and Angie became defiant in the face of all of Sabrina’s rules about chores and restricted screen-time late at night. Casa Pacifica’s Case Manager for Foster Families, Carmen Reyes and Angie’s social worker were close by whenever help was needed. Many late-night phone calls, mediations, and mentoring helped the pair develop a strong and trusting relationship. Angie says the program has been a real turning point for her. She’s done so well she no longer qualifies for intensive services.

Angie is now on her way to graduating high school and is enrolled in Ventura College. She is also working on getting a job. Thanks to the stability and unconditional love she found in Sabrina and her home, Angie’s road to independence is looking bright. She has gained meaningful life skills and most importantly found her chosen family.