• More than 44,500 children/youth have been admitted to our programs since opening in 1994.

• Casa Pacifica provided 15,777 days of care (bed days) this past fiscal year.

• Since opening in 1994 Casa Pacifica has provided nearly 535,000 days of care (bed days).

• Over ten years ago more kids were served on-campus than in the community - today one in five kids is served on campus.

• Of the nearly 400 children and youth served each day, 21% were enrolled in a campus program.

• Every 4.4 hours we admitted a child into one of our programs, on average 5 youth a day.

• Casa Pacifica worked with nearly 1,700 children, and their families, in 2,064 episodes of care.

• We provided over 7,350 student days in our on-campus, special education school.

• We delivered an average of 3.7 hours of mental health services per child per week.

• The Camino a Casa program increased 37% over the previous year.

• Agency-wide ages of children served were: 2% under 5 years old, 17% between 6-11 years, 45% between 12-15 years, 29% between 16-18 years, and 7% between 19-24 years.

• Genders served throughout all programs included 45% Male; 54% Female; and 1% Other (transgender).

• We work with kids and families from every community in both Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

• 88% of children/youth in all our programs were discharged to lower levels of care.

• 90% of children/youth in bed-based programs only were discharged to lower levels of care.

• 87% of children/youth enrolled throughout all our programs were successful in meeting their treatment goals.

• Post discharge data shows 97% of clients are not psychiatrically hospitalized, 95% are not involved with law enforcement, 95% are still in school, and 94% are living in a home environment.

• 88% of youth and families, across several categories of evaluation, were satisfied with services received.

• We handled an average of 161 crisis calls each month in Santa Barbara County. 48% on average were handled in person.

• We saw a 53% increase from the previous year in clients served by our Private Insurance Inpatient services.  Total clients served in FY20-21 was 155.

• We saw an 11% increase from the previous year in clients served in our Private Insurance Outpatient services.  Total clients served in FY20-21 was 123.

• Private Insurance clients were served from Ventura County (36%), Los Angeles County (30%), Santa Barbara County (8%), Orange County (6%), San Bernardino County (5%), Riverside County (5%), Out of State (2%), Kern County (2%) and 1% or less from San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, Alameda, Lassen and Merced Counties.

• Private Insurance programs showed a success rate of 84%.

• We delivered 60,986 hours of Mental Health Service (167 hrs/day); 6,398 hours of Social Service (18 hrs/day); 5,681 hours of Educational Service (16 hrs/day) - a total of 73,065 hours of services provided for the year (200 hrs./day).

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Casa Pacifica is a center for adolescent and youth, offering programs and services to treat the symptoms arising from abuse and neglect