How to Choose the Best Residential Treatment Program for Teens

We know that choosing the right program can be challenging.

At Casa Pacifica, we follow a relationship-based approach to supporting and serving young people and families. We meet people where they are and, through the development of connected relationships, guide them in building on strengths and meeting their needs. Our programs use a range of research and evidence supported strategies according to the program focus and specific needs of the child, youth, or family.

When researching a nearby treatment program for children, tweens, or teenagers, be sure to perform the following:

• Check it out online
• Ask questions
• Ask for proof or support for claims about staff credentials, program accreditation, and endorsements
• Do a site visit
• Get all policies and promises in writing

Questions to Ask:

1. Are you licensed by the state?
2. Do you provide an academic curriculum?
3. What about accreditation?
4. Do you have a clinical director, and if so, what are his/her credentials?
5. What are the credentials of the staff, in particular the counselors and therapists who will be working with my child?
6. How experienced in your staff?
7. Do you conduct background checks on your employees?
8. What are the criteria for admission? Do you conduct pre-admission assessments?
9. Will you provide an individualized program with a detailed explanation of the therapies that will address my child’s needs?
10. How do you define success? What is your success rate and how is it measured?
11. How do you discipline program participants?
12. Can I contact and speak with my children when I want? Or when he/she wants?
13. What are the costs and what do they cover?

We understand that deciding on a nearby adolescent mental health program can be a huge decision. We welcome you to contact us for the answers to any of the questions you might have, or visit us in person, so you can feel comfortable in your choice.

If you’d like to speak with someone today about your child’s behavior issues, please give us a call at (805) 366-4000. We’d be glad to discuss our services and programs in depth.

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