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Archie and Friends The Therapy Dogs

Archibald RazzMa Tazz

Archie The Therapy Dog

In May 2007, a cute ‘little’ Newfoundland pup walked into the halls of Casa Pacifica’s campus and into the hearts of our children, staff, volunteers and countless people across the United States. Just like that Archibald Razz Ma Tazz also known as “Archie” became Casa Pacifica’s founding Therapy Dog!

The great healer, Archie brought untold amounts of joy, comfort and healing to hundreds of children and youth at the most trying times in their lives. With his gentle disposition and uncanny wisdom, he provided unconditional love and generated countless smiles.

Articles about Archie appeared in newspapers from the San Francisco Gate to Denver, in Los Angeles based evening news stations and even nationwide on NBC News “The Today Show”. He was also the featured segment in a nationwide television show “Dog Tales” and featured in three books!

Archie has his own website, social media page and a fund dedicated for the emergent needs of his kids.

In August of 2015, our cherished Archie peacefully passed away after a lifetime of service to his kids and Casa Pacifica. We love you so much Archie and are deeply grateful for the blessings you brought to all of us. You are greatly missed and we will carry on your amazing legacy!

Archie and Friends Therapy Dogs

The Therapy Dogs

Baker Following in Archie’s therapeutic footsteps, his nephew Baker joined Casa Pacifica in 2011. Baker was also trained and certified to work as a therapy dog and eventually placed in our in-take office where he greets and comforts young children first arriving to Casa Pacifica, residents who are coming to and from school and children attending our Non Public School program. In 2019, Baker passed away at 8 years old due to health complications.

Otis Chandler Bing Also, following in his Uncle Archie’s footsteps is nephew Otis! Joining Casa Pacifica in 2014, Otis quickly won the hearts of our Transitional Youth Services kids and campus residents.  With his playful, friendly nature he brightens many youngsters’ day!

Pearl Also, following in her Uncle Archie’s footsteps is our sweet girl, Pearl! Joining Casa Pacifica in 2019, Pearl took on the important job of greeting and providing kids comfort as they enter and leave our Camarillo campus. We think she is more than up for the task!